Note : Package prices shown above exclude GST.  GST @ 18% shall be added in the invoice.

Subscriptions, Payments & Refunds Policy         

  1. Premium subscriptions can be purchased on a per listing basis, as per the Package price & validity displayed above.
  2. Package price shall be payable through online payment gateway only
  3. Premium packages shall be renewed automatically as follows:
    • Monthly packages shall be renewed automatically for 11 subsequent months, ie. 12 months including the initial validity
    • Quarterly packages shall be renewed automatically for 3 subsequent quarters, ie. 4 quarters including the initial validity
    • Annual packages shall not be renewed automatically, and must be renewed manually
  4. Renewal payment failure : On renewal, we shall attempt to charge the payment method used for the initial purchase. (NOTE: We do not store the payment details on our website, and hence the payment method cannot be changed for subsequent renewals). In the event the renewal payment is not successful, for any reason e.g expiry of the card, the listing shall expire and payment shall need to be made manually to renew the listing.
  5. Non-cumulative validity: When a manual payment is made for renewal of a particular package, or if a package is changed (say from Monthly to Annual), during the validity period, the unused period of the earlier package shall lapse, and the validity of the renewal/changed package shall commence immediately. For example if a monthly listing expiring on May 31, is changed to an annual package, and payment for the annual package is made on May 27, then the validity of the annual package shall commence on May 27, and remain valid upto May 26 of the next year (and not May 31)
  6. Refunds: Cancellations (ie by deleting the listing) during the validity of the package (during initial validity or renewal), shall not be eligible for any refund for the remaining validity period, nor can any unused validity be adjusted as payment for any other listing, except as provided here. For Annual and Quarterly packages only, in case of cancellations within 7 working days of renewal, please mail us at requesting for a refund of the renewal fee paid. We shall process the refund on the payment gateway within 7 working days of your email.
  7. We shall typically notify you on email about upcoming renewals, or unsuccessful renewal transactions. However, at times such mails may not be delivered so you are advised to track renewals and payments on “My Account” as well.
  8. For any queries about your subscriptions, payments or refunds, please mail us at  or whatsapp/call us (10.00 am – 7.00 pm)  at  7499997910 and we shall be delighted to assist.

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